Sat. 8th July 2023

I decided its time to have a gathering. Thanks to Regina Lennon for pressing me to commit that drizzly, cold day at The Bridge Cafe. Thanks to Ger for not kicking me under the table coz in my panic, I picked the week she and I had chosen for our Mediterranean Cruise.
So after Doodle Polls and trying to manage work schedules (Jarlath, I’m looking at you) and trips abroad (Greg), here we are.

What’s the Plan?

Everyone is invited to a day of meeting people new and old, eating, drinking, and doing whatever the weather allows. Come early, stay late.

If you are able to bring something with you, that would be wonderful, But there will be plenty to go around no matter. More info on that closer to the date.

I know Roscommon can seem the arse-end of the country. Well, we’re happy enough with that really. So some many need to stay overnight. I’ve not much room in the house, but plenty of room for tents and trees for hammocks. There are plenty of B&Bs and Hotels as well – from Kilronan Castle for those who want the feather pillow option to Riverhaven Log Cabins for those who want to bunk in with others by Lough Key.

So please put it in your diary and plan to enjoy my amazing corner of Roscommon and make a few new friends along the way.

I’ll send an update later in the year – when the summer seems less far away!